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Are you looking for a personal loan and haven’t got any appropriate loan provider as per your requirements? Then you can consider taking the services from Here we are providing you with all the policies or terms and conditions associated with the loans provided by, to avail our services you have to read and understand all the policies carefully and clearly. Subsequently, if you are okay with the terms and conditions and provide your acceptance then you can proceed with filling the information asked in the application form. You can reach out to us on our support channel in case you have difficulty understanding the terms or in case you have any concerns. is run and managed by Lead Brix International LLC.

You have agreed to the terms and conditions that are provided here. Then you may need arbitration at the individual level. If there is any claim or dispute filed against us then you have the right to participate in any multi-party arbitration and class actions.

Loan Matching Service provides a unique loan matching service that helps its prospective consumers by getting them connected to a worthy lender who is associated with a vast network of lenders.

 In order to avail of the services from you have to fill out the application form at first from our website. These websites will ask you to provide some of your crucial personal information. This information will include but not limited to your name, contact number, Social Security Number, your address, checking account details, Email address, and some details associated with your employment history.

In order to use the exclusive services and products provided by, consumers have to agree to the terms and privacy policy of the website.

In order to use the services of our website you have to provide your agreement to a separate terms and conditions that are provided in the privacy policy. Here it is provided as a reference to be elaborated.

By submitting the forms available you have to agree and understand that you are about to submit an inquiry for a loan service or product on the website of The inquiry submitted by you will also be provided to each of the associated lending partners who are involved in the loan request processes.

By submitting this form, you are providing your consent to and all its associated lenders to whom your personal information was shared to contact you through different modes of contact. The different modes of contact will include direct mail, telephonic contact, and emails. By establishing contact with you, they will be providing information to you regarding your transaction with or related to the other additional offers that might be of interest to you.

Once you have applied for the loan through, your information will be transferred to an appropriate lender from the network of lenders. Then that lender will review and analyze your information to determine your eligibility and qualifications in accordance with their individual criteria.

The lenders will verify some additional information also that includes checking of your Social Security Number (SSN), reviewing your information from national databases (like DP Bureau, or Teletrack), and performing credit checks. They perform these activities to track consumer transactions. This tracking will be conducted with different lending institutions.

You will be providing your agreement by submitting this form to allow the associated lending partners to review, research, and verify the information provided.

If the information provided by you is found to be eligible as per the loan qualification by a lender, then you will be redirected to the website of the lender or a new webpage will be opened that will display the name and contact information of the lender by the

It is to be brought to your notice that if once you are redirected to the website of the lender during the entire process of loan disbursement, then will not get further involved in the process of loan application and its approval.

Now after transferring to the lender, all the interactions with the lenders will be subjected to the terms of use, privacy policy, and other policies that belong to the particular lender with whom your loan process is executing.

It is also to be understood by you that we ( are not the lender and we are not entitled to make any credit or loan decisions in accordance with the loan matching services provided by it.

We are not taking any guarantee for acceptance for any specific loan or particular loan program or the conditions or terms that are provided by any of the associated lenders.

It is to be understood by all the customers that we do not guarantee about availability, product type, price, associated rates, fees, and other services offered by the lenders are not the best available options for loan products in the market.

We at do not recommend or endorse any sort of product that is provided by the associated lenders with our website.

It is also to be made clear that we at do not work as agents of any associated lender or any of our customers.

We are not involved in any way in the review or use of the personal information provided to the lender in the decision of your qualification to meet the criteria set by any particular lender.

You have agreed that will be liable for any sort of cost or damage caused or arose in any manner by your use of the loan matching services; the lender has all the sole responsibility for the services provided by them.

You should also note that the lenders can keep the information provided by you in their record for future reference or use, even if you haven’t got qualified for the loan offer as per the eligibility criteria set by them.

Control over Features, Functions, and Access to the Service

All the associated consumers and parties have to be notified that all the rights for modifying any sort of particular feature, information, or functionality of the loan matching services at any time without any prior intimation are reserved with

You will be restricted from utilizing all the services or some parts of those services of without any prior intimidation if you are found to be involved in any sort of misconduct or activities that violate the terms and conditions of

We ( have possession of the sole discretion of reviewing the violation of terms and conditions that are associated with either our website or any third-party partner who is related to us or our website.

No responsibility will be held by for any sort of delays or errors in the process of providing loans through their loan matching services in the future due to any sort of technical or human error. Moreover, we will not be held responsible for any information that will be provided beyond the area of our reasonable control.

Disclaimers and Limitations

We are hereby declaring that the entire website and the information provided on it, alongside all the associated services, products, and software are the intellectual property of

Subsequently, we at also disclaim any sort of warranty that can be implied or expressed in relevance to any information provided regarding our website, products, services, or software that are associated with us. Along with that, it includes the warranty (non-limiting) of its Non-infringement, Title, Fitness, or Merchantability in relevance to a particular categorization of the purpose.

It is to be understood by all that at we are not entitled to make any sort of warranty regarding the achieving of the potential results by utilizing the information, service, website, and products that are associated with us in any manner.

By going through this disclaimer and reading it, you have provided your agreement that you have understood and read all the terms and conditions, hence you are using the services and associated entities of at your own risk. Consequently, you have also given your acceptance that none of the associated lenders, advertisers, or any of the individuals of such as its Directors, Officers, Employees, Subsidiaries, Assigns, Affiliates, Service providers, Content providers, or Successors can be held liable. The above liability can be inclusive of any sort of indirect, direct, consequential, incidental, punitive, or special damages that can occur due to the use of their website, or due to any inability or delay caused after utilizing the services offered by The inability and delays of can be partial or whole in relevance to the tortious behavior, strict liability, negligence, or potential breach of contract.

For the states of America, whose law does not permit liability limitation and disclaimer on the implied warranties, in those particular states the respective liability of and all its associated parties will be limited to an extent that is being permitted or allowed by the law. The list of the associated parties of is inclusive of but not limited to Associated Lenders, Directors, Affiliates, Officers, Employees, Content Providers, Agents, Successors, Service Providers, Assigns, and Subsidiaries.


Usage of the website of and other associated services, you are clearly giving your acceptance for indemnifying and all the associated lenders to it against any sort of expenses (inclusive of fees of Attorney), liabilities, and damages that arose due to claims. These claims can be the result of your usage of the website that constitutes no limitation to any claims that allege to the facts that it found to be true then it will be considered as a breach of the terms by you.

Links to Third Parties

Links to other websites are also contained in our website, these other websites are being run and operated by our associated lenders and other third-party partners. These links are provided on our website for the purpose of providing you with reference and convenience to use their services, not anything else.

Any sort of information, products, services, or software that are relevant and available on the websites of our third-party partners are not operated and controlled by the team of Just on the basis of the involvement of the third party website’s link on the website of, it is not implied that they are endorsing any sort of service, site, content, or sponsoring authority of that third-party website.

Dispute Resolution

Any sort of claim or disagreement that arose out or is relevant to the services or products offered by; any action taken by you for which you hold the website accountable that includes but is not limited to any sort of claim or disagreement related to arbitrability will get settled at last and solely with the aid of binding arbitration. This binding arbitration will comply with the current commercial arbitration rules set by the American Arbitration Association. Any sort of disagreement will be resolved exclusively by the involvement of the Arbitrator, the disagreement might include the claims related to complete or partial unenforceability of the terms and conditions. All the legal prosecutions will be held in Florida and be conducted by any of the courts in Florida with the involvement of crucial jurisdiction for issuing the judgment on the basis of the result passed by the arbitration.

Arbitrators do not have the authority to award damages to anyone in relevance to any dispute filed over the real compensatory damages, nor they can increase the amount of actual damages or provide punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages. And none of the involved parties can waive any claims against the damages awarded. Regardless of the involved problems, the agreement of arbitration needs not to be interpreted as an agreement of consolidating or joining an arbitration under the agreement of disputes or claims for arbitration of any involved third party partner.

By accepting the provisions of dispute resolution, you hereby agree and acknowledge that you have lost all the rights to the jury trial and possess the ability to get a class action lawsuit in multi-party arbitration against as a member of the class or plaintiff.

You have agreed that for any sort of legal proceedings or litigations that have been initiated between you and, or the provisions of the arbitration for the agreement have remained incapable or invalid, then the Sussex Country, Delaware will act as an exclusive venue and point of jurisdiction for all the state and federal courts. You have also provided your acknowledgment and have agreed that any cause of action or claim arising that is relevant to the utilization of the services offered by has to be made within the period of 1 year from its occurrence otherwise it will get barred for the lifetime. It will be regardless of any law or regulations to the contrary.

Other Terms

These terms and conditions will act as a complete agreement for conducting the business between and you. All the provided terms and conditions will be government under the law made by the State of Delaware without attaining respect for conflicts related to any law provisions. If any of the terms out of all the provided terms is found unenforceable under any applicable law, then all the unenforceable and invalid provisions will get superseded with the help of enforceable and valid provisions of law. The provisions are those that closely replicate the intent of the original provision and the rest of the terms will be continued in the effective. has all the rights reserved with them to modify, update, or change these terms and conditions at any particular time by simply posting the new set of terms and conditions on the website of All the amended and modified terms will come into effect automatically immediately after their posting on the website.